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aiomatic Dashboard

Real-time insights into your production machines

Dashboard aiomatic overview of machines

The digital maintenance assistant is an innovative software that enables uncomplicated live monitoring of machines. By detecting abnormal machine behavior early and clearly displaying the machine's health on a dashboard, downtime can be avoided and productivity increased. The software uses explainable AI to identify the causes of machine failure and help you take targeted maintenance actions and minimize production downtime.

Machine health monitoring

Our digital maintenance assistant provides a comprehensive overview of your machine's condition by collecting and analyzing data from individual sensors and the overall system. Thanks to this function, you can pay targeted attention to sensors with a low AI index and thus detect and avoid potential problems at an early stage.

Overview Sensors_edited.png

Fast root cause identification

Thanks to our hierarchical structure, you can accurately track the state of your machine down to the level of individual sensors. This enables a precise understanding of the problems and targeted maintenance. If the AI index for a sensor drops, you can quickly identify the root cause of the problem by "diving" into the different levels of the machine. Starting at the top level, the machine as a whole, you can click through the groups and detailed views of smaller groups down to the individual sensors.

Hierarchical structure_edited.png

Records and warnings

Our digital Maintenance Assistant enables early detection of abnormal machine behavior and rapid intervention through the ability to record and alert on faults. Customers can individually flag faults and add and edit messages on their own. If false alarms occur, they can be corrected afterwards, helping to make the algorithm smarter and more accurate.

Records and Alerts_edited.png

Discover the right package for your needs

When it comes to live monitoring of your machines using our software, we offer three different packages that differ in terms of the number of channels. Thus, you can choose the package that fits your needs and benefit from the advantages of our solution. We will be happy to support you in selecting the right package and advise you individually.


€ 5000

6 weeks: Data connection and workshops to set up the dashboard structure

*plus € 1000 hardware IoT gateway (if required)

Live monitoring




€ 99

/ month

€ 499

/ month

€ 899

/ month

Up to 10 channels

Up to 50 channels

50 - 200 channels


We charge € 980 / day for technical and strategic advice on optimizing your maintenance strategy.

Info: All prices are net prices and do not include the statutory VAT of currently 19%. The general terms and conditions of ai-omatic solutions GmbH apply.

Demo of our maintenance assistant

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