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Proud & Strive: Lena has won the STRIVE Innovation Award!🏆 

The STRIVE Innovation Award was not only a personal honor for our CEO & Co-Founder Lena Weirauch, but also a recognition of the important role of women in the technology industry. We are grateful for the support and the platform that STRIVE and Audi provide us with this award to promote women in technology and innovation. 💪

The development of ai-omatic over the past year has been characterized by a clear vision: to set new standards in AI development. Our goal is to bring about positive change and exploit the full potential of statistics and AI.

We see enormous potential for AI models in various sectors, particularly in manufacturing and the packaging industry. The ongoing development of self-monitoring systems opens up fascinating prospects for optimized production processes and greater efficiency.

We are grateful for the recognition from Strive and Audi and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!


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