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Get ready for the future industry standard in maintenance

Avoid unplanned machine downtime with our Maintenance Assistant. In addition to the SaaS solution you need, we offer various services to help you achieve this goal.

Service overview

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Digital Maintenance Assistant

Our core product is a Digital Maintenance Assistant that analyzes live sensor data from machines and detects anomalies. With a health score between 0 and 100%, this allows customers to closely monitor the health of their machines and view it on a user-friendly web dashboard. The maintenance wizard helps customers avoid unplanned machine downtime and make maintenance decisions based on machine health. Monitoring of the machines is conveniently possible in the browser.


In addition to our advanced software, we offer comprehensive support in implementing predictive maintenance to avoid unpredictable machine downtime. We support you in setting up the interface, setting up the required hardware and software, data collection and analysis, and proof-of-concept projects.

Our goal is to make the benefits of industrial AI accessible to you and make your production more efficient, reliable and profitable.


Take the next step

Implementing the Maintenance Assistant is as easy as can be, and we support you every step of the way.

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