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Use Case Portfolio

Successful projects with aiomatic

Prediction of potential bearing damage

A Japanese company produces a wide range of products, including adhesive tapes. Our customer utilizes aiomatic's technology in their highly complex gravure printing machines. These machines handle unwinding, printing, embossing, possible additional coating steps, and rewinding of the material all within a single system. Since the failure of a single component can halt the entire system, predictive maintenance is crucial. Our maintenance assistant accurately predicted bearing damage just three months after implementation. Three weeks before the impending failure, the assistant identified increased vibration as a potential fault.

Industry: Plastics processing

Real-time monitoring of a grinding machine

Our customer is a leading producer of pet food. In a section of their plant monitored by aiomatic, raw materials are ground using hammer mills. The ground material is then lifted by elevators and separated by size using sieves. Previous undetected damage and failures of these sieves have already resulted in high costs. Through the utilization of statistics and neural networks, our software learns the regular operation of the machine, even with different recipes. This enables it to clearly distinguish between normal and abnormal machine behavior.


Industry: Pet food industry

Predictive maintenance of gas turbines

The company is a leading operator of natural gas storage facilities, boasting a capacity of around six billion cubic meters, equivalent to approximately 25% of Germany's total capacity. Multiple gas compressors are utilized for gas storage, each driven by a gas turbine via a reduction gearbox. A failure in any of these components can result in significant financial losses and disrupt the energy supply in Germany. By incorporating expert knowledge into our software, even employees with limited machine expertise can identify deviations from normal operation and implement necessary maintenance measures.


Industry: Manufacturing

Overview of our customer projects

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