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Real-time monitoring of a hydrogen compressor

A German medium-sized company manufactures autonomous hydrogen compressors, which have to be maintained regularly to minimize the safety risk due to the pressure when storing hydrogen. To perform constant monitoring of the condition of the metal membrane, various parameters are collected using an OPC UA gateway. With the help of ai-omatics algorithm, the relevant influencing variables of the compressors can thus be monitored in order to detect the smallest changes at an early stage and take appropriate measures.

Industry: Energy sector

Minimization of gearbox

A European machine tool company wants to detect machine damage as early as possible by analyzing data from a CNC lathe to avoid costly downtime. The data includes physical factors of the machine parts such as temperature, vibration, tension, position, etc. By using ai-omatics model, it is possible to detect and explain anomalies up to three days before the failure. With the help of the model and monitoring of the machine in live operation, the number of necessary repairs can be reduced.


Industry: Manufacturing

Optimization of the punching process of a machine tool

A plastic packaging machine has reduced production output due to punching malfunctions. By means of monitoring the machine's strain gauges and accelerometers, the production output is to be increased again.

Constant monitoring of vibration patterns of relevant system parts by ai-omatics algorithm enables automated detection of unusual behavior patterns of the machine. Maintenance can thus be planned before the situation becomes acute and the efficiency of production output can be improved.

Industry: Manufacturing


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